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Organization, punctuality and reliability are the main strong points of Effedue S.r.l.

Wide experience and in-depth knowledge of the product to be worked make Effedue S.r.l. a qualified partner able to address all the various material preparation stages and aware of the problems linked to the recovery and working of scrap.

Today, for every company, recovery is just as important as producing and planning.

Specific research for optimum exploitation of the treated products makes Effedue S.r.l. a qualified interlocutor for all manufacturing firms in the difficult research for finding the right balance between economic growth and safeguarding the environment.

Effedue S.r.l. is actually one of the firms most specialized in the recovery of metals, whereas ongoing research for innovative processes has enabled it to achieve high standards in terms of quality and environmental efficiency.

The obtaining of ISO 9001:2008 certification is a further guarantee of quality and the firm’s reliability, to always safeguard customers.