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Solutions for the recovery and exploitation of company waste and scrap.

The activity carried out by Effedue S.r.l. consists of the preparation of metal scrap and ferrous materials for recycling, fully optimizing the value of such materials, through specific recovery processes.

Effedue S.r.l. has both all the necessary authorizations for operating and a scrap yard of approx. 15,000 sq. m. with equipped and authorized vehicles, loaders and interchangeable scrap bins, as well as a fixed portal for monitoring of radioactivity.

The treatments are carried out by means of:

·       hammer mill crushing plant

·       non-ferrous metal crushing plant

·       induction metal separation plant

·       movable shears

·       manual and/or mechanical sorting

Main types of materials worked at Effedue S.r.l. plants.

The types of non-hazardous special waste that Effedue S.r.l. is authorized to recover are identified with the European waste code (E.W.C.):